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West Virginia Research Corporation supervisors may be WVURC employees themselves, or WVU employees. While many Talent and Culture processes and responsibilities mirror WVU practices, there are differences in WVURC employment and supervision. WVURC supervisors should refer to the WVURC Employee Handbook for details regarding WVURC employment. Please note that WVURC is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

While there are differences between WVU and WVURC employment, search and hire processes and best practices are largely the same. Hiring Managers utilize the Employee Requisition Form to initiate a hire. Visit the WVU Hiring Managers Resources page for more information and additional resources to help you find and hire talented candidates for your openings.

WVURC Payroll and Tax offers resources for new and existing employees, as well as instruction on accessing pay statements and records in WVURC's HR system, UKG .

WVURC employees accrue PTO (paid time off) to a maximum of 15 to 24 days, depending on the employee's years of service and job classification. Employees enter paid time off (PTO) in WVURC's HR System, UKG. Supervisors of WVURC employees must review and approve or deny entered time and PTO requests in UKG. For assistance accessing UKG or reviewing, approving, or denying entered time, please contact WVURC Payroll.

To initiate a position review or update, please complete the WVU Research Corporation Job Description Template. Submit the completed form to your HR Partner, or reach out to your Partner for assistance with the position review and update process.

WVURC follows an annual performance review cycle, similar to WVU, and performance reviews are completed in WVURC's HR system, UKG. Performance review tutorials and additional information are available on the WVURC Performance Review page. Contact your HR Partner for assistance or additional information regarding performance management, as well as any employee relations concerns.

WVURC offers comprehensive employee benefit options, some of which differ from those offered to WVU employees. WVURC employees can explore their benefits options on the WVURC Benefits page.

Note that WVURC observes WVU's employee holiday calendar.

The Medical Management Unit administers and coordinates WVU Research Corporation medical leave programs. This unit was established to protect the confidentiality of employee’s medical information. WVURC employees submit the Medical Leave of Absence form to initiate a medical leave of absence request. Medical Management then communicates to the employee to obtain any required documentation, and will communicate any approved leaves of absence and/or return to work information to the supervisor.

Additional information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including the interactive accommodation request process, can be found on the WVU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ADA page.

Encova Insurance, formerly Brickstreet Mutual Insurance Company, manages Workers’ Compensation Insurance for West Virginia University (WVU), WVU Research Corporation (WVURC). WVURC employees who sustain job related injuries may be covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance for wage and/or health care needs. Timely and efficient completion of claims is necessary in order for WVU and WVURC to assist qualified employees with receipt of their entitled Workers’ Compensation benefits. Visit the WVU Workers' Compensation page for additional information.

If a work site injury occurs, employees should immediately notify the supervisor of their injury and complete the WVU Employee Injury/Incident Report. All forms should be submitted within 24 hours. If you have questions, please contact Medical Management

Supervisors must complete the the WVURC Termination form in a timely manner to notify the University and WVURC of any WVURC employee terminations. Modeled after the WVU termination form, the WVURC Termination form is an electronic form that will allow supervisors to complete one form transaction that will handle all additional workflow needed for notifying the university and WVURC that an employee has terminated their employment. Important items to note for the employee termination form:

  • The form should only be completed by a WVURC supervisor.
  • The form must be completed in a timely manner.
  • You will need to have the employee’s resignation letter or documentation.
  • You will receive confirmation back to your email once form is submitted.
  • The form will notify all pertinent groups of the employee’s departure, including benefits administration. payroll, HR Partner team, grants, P-card, etc..

Please also note:
  • A WVURC employee's last working day cannot be a WVURC holiday.
  • An employee may not use PTO on their last working day.
  • An employee cannot use PTO beyond their last working day. Any remaining PTO will be paid out to the employee in a lump sum.