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New Employee Onboarding

Department support of newly hired employees is critical to how effectively they are able to begin support of your efforts. Authority to approve system and building access, budget expenditures, some resources and training typically rest with the supervisor and department. For these reasons, WVURC HR cannot facilitate these work needs of the employee for the department.

The following checklist may be helpful to you when bringing on a new WVURC employee:

  1. When the hire is confirmed, contact the employee to welcome them, tell them where to report for work, and what their expected work schedule will be.
  2. Prepare the workplace for the employee’s arrival
  3. Email the campus specific OIT office for assistance with the following:
    1. Email account
    2. Master ID account
    3. Central ID account, if applicable
    4. MAP/Oracle access, if applicable
    5. Computer set-up
    6. For new computers, OIT will have to “ghost” it, formatting it to the required University settings
    7. Phone & TID (long distance code) numbers
    8. Access to drives, networked printers/scanners, and any other equipment
  4. ID card/parking pass
    1. Inform the employee of temporary parking options they may consider or be given
    2. Directions are provided during new WVURC employee orientation on how to obtain these items
  5. Building Access
    1. Obtain keys for work specific areas/doors
    2. Once an ID card has been issued to the employee, contact your EBO to request access be granted to the card for work specific areas/doors
  6. Research Corporation credit card and/or State P-Card, if applicable
    1. Requested by supervisor, through appropriate Business Office contact