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Paid Time off


Q. Why are we making changes to the PTO policy?

A. The WVU Research Corporation has previously had the policy of use it or lose it and capped employees at the end of the calendar year.  This has led to confusion for both employees and supervisors and forced leave during the holiday season. This new policy will allow employees to use time throughout the year without fear of losing all their time at the beginning of the year.

Q. When will these changes go into effect?

A. Effective December 1, 2018, each employee will now have an individual cap on hours based on their PTO accrual rate (pro-rated by FTE) that will now carry forward every calendar year.  This policy change will allow employees more freedom in choosing when they want to take their leave throughout the year.

Q. What happens if I have already accrued beyond the allowed cap?

A. All requests to use leave must be entered in Ultipro on or before January 5, 2019 for dates up to and including January 5, 2019. Employees who are over their new cap amount on January 6, 2019 will have their PTO balance reduced to their new cap.

Q. Will the policy change affect my accrual rate?

A.  No. You will still accrue the same amount as you are currently accruing based on your EEO category and years of service.


  • To be eligible for paid time off (PTO), an employee must work full-time, which is defined as more than 30 hours per week, per 40-hour workweek.
  • PTO accruals are prorated according to the employee’s full-time equivalency (FTE)**.
  • PTO cannot be used until it is earned.
  • PTO hours are not available until the final day of the pay cycle.
  • PTO accruals begin on the first of the month, following the month of hire.
  • PTO accrued and unused, in excess of an employee’s carry-over rate, is forfeited.
  • Part-time, less than 30 hour, positions are not eligible for paid time off.
  • Temporary positions are not eligible for paid time off.
  • Employees PTO will cap on their PTO accrual rate.
  • Employees on a leave of absence without pay on the final day of the pay period will not accrue paid time off.

PTO Accrual

Full-time Employee
(work more than 30 hours per week)
Hours Accrued Per Bi-weekly Pay Cycle** Hours Accrued Per Year** Maximum Days Accrued Per Year** Weeks Accrued Per Year**
Less than 3 years 4.616 120 15 3
3 Years to less than 8 Years 6.00 156 19.5 3.9
8 years to less than 15 years 7.385 192 24 4.8
Employees in positions designated as “officials and managers” per EEOC category 7.385 192 24 4.8