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Paid Time off (PTO)


  • To be eligible for paid time off (PTO), an employee must work full-time, which is defined as more than 30 hours per week, per 40-hour workweek.
  • PTO accruals are prorated according to the employee’s full-time equivalency (FTE)**.
  • PTO cannot be used until it is earned.
  • PTO hours are not available until the final day of the pay cycle.
  • PTO accruals begin on the first of the month, following the month of hire.
  • PTO accrued and unused, in excess of an employee’s carry-over rate, is forfeited.
  • Part-time, less than 30 hour, positions are not eligible for paid time off.
  • Temporary positions are not eligible for paid time off.
  • Employees PTO will cap based on their personal PTO accrual rate.
  • Employees on a leave of absence without pay on the final day of the pay period will not accrue paid time off.

PTO Accrual

Full-time Employee
(work more than 30 hours per week)
Hours Accrued Per Bi-weekly Pay Cycle** Hours Accrued Per Year** Maximum Days Accrued Per Year** Weeks Accrued Per Year**
Less than 3 years 4.616 120 15 3
3 Years to less than 8 Years 6.00 156 19.5 3.9
8 years to less than 15 years 7.385 192 24 4.8
Employees in positions designated as “officials and managers” per EEOC category 7.385 192 24 4.8

Q. How do I enter PTO into UltiPro

A. Entering PTO