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The WVURC 403(b) Retirement Plan

  • The WVURC 403(b) retirement plan is provided through TIAA
  • Benefits are based solely on the amount of plan contributions to the participant’s accumulation account and earnings, if any.
  • Full-time employees are required to contribute 3% of their earnings to the group retirement plan, which is matched by the WVURC.
  • Employees have the option of contributing an additional 1-3% of their earnings to the plan, which is also matched by the WVURC.
  • In addition, and within regulatory parameters, WVURC employees may voluntarily contribute additional monies toward their retirement, which is not matched by the WVURC.
  • Employees are fully vested from their first contribution
  • TIAA does not accept PO Boxes or Rural Routes.
  • Part-time employees have the option of contributing to the retirement plan, without an employer match by the WVURC. 

To Enroll or Change Elections

If you are full-time and would like to make a change to your retirement contribution, or are part-time and would like to enroll or adjust your contributions, follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in to UKG ( with your WVU credentials.
  2. Click on the ‘Myself’ tab on the upper left side of your screen.
  3. Scroll down and click on the ‘Life Events’ tab.
  4. Click on ‘I want to change my 403b contribution’.
  5. Complete the Salary Reduction Agreement emailed to you from
  6. Create an account with TIAA. Login and designate your beneficiary(ies); this may be changed at any time. Please note, your beneficiary(ies) listed in UGK is for life insurance, not retirement. You must make your retirement beneficiary(ies) designation(s) directly on the TIAA website.
Part-time employees may enroll or adjust contribution amounts at any time. Full-time employees may make adjustments to their contributions (aside from the mandatory 3%) at any time.

TIAA One-on-One Consultations

Current employees have the opportunity to meet with a TIAA financial consultant in-person or virtually. Whether you are just getting started or planning for retirement, a financial consultant can help you create a plan for your goals at no cost to you.

Click the link above to view the upcoming dates and schedule.