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ACA Tax Forms

Form 1095-C from West Virginia University Research Corporation
West Virginia University Research Corporation will be sending out a IRS form to anyone who met the definition of a full-time employee as defined by the Affordable Care Act during calendar year 2018. This form, called the 1095-C Form, is an annual statement that describes the insurance available to eligible employees.

View a sample 1095-C form

The deadline for employers to provide the 1095-C for tax year 2018 to eligible individuals has been extended to March 4, 2019. Individuals do not need to send this form to the IRS when filing their tax return, but should keep it with their tax records.

What is the purpose of this form?
The Affordable Care Act requires affected employers to provide certain employees with an annual summary of employer-sponsored health benefits offered.

View a short video explaining the 1095-C
  • Part I lists information about you and your employer.
  • Part II lists codes for each month to show if you were offered health benefits, if you enrolled in the offered coverage, and the lowest cost monthly premium for employee-only health coverage in your income tier. The back of the form lists what each code means.
  • Part III will be blank.
    Employees enrolled in BCBS will receive a second form from BCBS, called Form 1095-B, which will list the enrolled policyholder and any enrolled dependents.

What do I do with the form?
This form is for your information only and does not need to be filed with your tax return. You may wish to keep your 1095-C and your 1095-B (if applicable) with your income tax records.

Can I access my 1095-C electronically?
Yes, your Form 1095-C can be accessed electronically through Ultipro.

What if I think my 1095-C is wrong?
If you think your 1095-C is incorrect, contact Benefits Administration at