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Special Emergency Leave Plan

West Virginia University is directing all supervisors to maximize the number of employees who are working from home.

Faculty and staff should work with their supervisors to make  alternative work arrangements (e.g., flexing work schedules, teleworking, completing alternative tasks, etc.) whenever possible.

However, staff also can work with their supervisor to request up to 80 hours of special emergency leave with pay – prorated by full-time equivalency (FTE) – in instances where an alternative work arrangement is not possible and in the following instances:

  • The employee or a member of their immediate family has been exposed to COVID-19, has symptoms of the disease or is in self-quarantine.
  • The employee or a member of their immediate family has a confirmed case of COVID-19 and is recuperating.
  • The employee is considered vulnerable (i.e., older adults and individuals who have serious chronic medical condition) of becoming very sick if they contract COVID-19.
  • The employee is pregnant or has a spouse or member of their household who is pregnant.

The special emergency leave will be available to all full-time and part-time faculty and staff across the WVU System.  WVU Research Corporation and  WVU Innovation Corporation  employees also are included as part of the plan.

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