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Supervisor Responsibilities

The WVURC HR office wishes to provide you with a seamless experience when hiring through us. While there are many issues and situations that could be addressed, a short list was compiled of the most common areas you will encounter hen hiring/supervising WVURC employees for your information and convenience.

It is our hope that you use this in preparation for hiring an employee(s) through us and/or to manage them as their tenure progresses. As you may know, or will encounter, on each of these, we will provide you with more detail on what you can expect or what you would need to do.

  • Position creation
  • Position description
    • We work with you to develop an accurate document used for recruitment and employment
  • Assessment tool (S/K/A Chart)
    • Used to evaluate the skills/edge/abilities of applicants and interviewees both pre- and post-interview
  • Advertising
    • We will place the approved ad in/with the identified sources
  • Ultipro Applicant Tracking System
    • System used to obtain application/resume information to evaluate applicants for interview/hire. We will provide needed login
  • Interview questions and interviews
    • You submit a list of interview questions and a completed S/KJA chart based on the resumes received prior to interview( s)
    • You schedule and conduct interviews of the selected candidates once we have OK'd the list of questions
  • Recruitment and employment
    • You identify the top three candidates, provide a salary to be offered, and start date
    • We register the top candidate for a criminal background check and simultaneously conduct reference checks
    • We schedule benefits/employment orientation sessions no more than three days after the new employee's start date
  • 10 cards/parking passes
    • The appropriate ID/parking information is provided by us when the employee is initially processed
  • Supervision of work schedule and documentation
    • You monitor employee's time worked, absences and the paperwork necessary to support this
  • Performance appraisals & merit adjustments
    • Each Fall, you are asked to appraise WVURC employee(s) and identify a merit increase within provided range
  • Position continuation confirmation
    • Confirmation of available funding and need by you is initiated by the WVURC HR Office each Spring
  • Medical Examinations/Drug and Alcohol Testing
    • Examinations are only required for positions that have bona fide job-related physical and or CDL requirements
    • The final offer is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the exam(s), criminal background and reference checks
  • Employee relations/termination
    • Please contact the WVURC HR office at the onset of any employee relations issues or termination
  • Supervisor Training

We welcome questions you may have about any of the above topics or other topics at any time. Please feel free to contact us when you have the need.