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Supervisor Responsibilities

WVURC Talent & Culture strives to provide support to supervisors through the employment experience.  While there are many detailed situations that  could be addressed, a short list has been compiled of some common supervisory situations (listed below), specific to WVURC employees. 

Supervisors should use this in preparation for hiring a WVURC employee(s) and to manage and develop their performance.  Additionally, supervisors can use the contact list below to receive additional and/or more detailed instruction for what you can expect with each situation you may encounter with your employee(s).

Supervisor Contact Cheat Sheet

  • Hiring Resources
    • While there are differences between WVU and WVURC employment, search and hire processes and best practices are largely the same. Visit the WVU Hiring Managers Resources page for more information and additional resources to help you find and hire talented candidates for your openings.
  • ID cards/parking passes
    • The appropriate ID/parking information is provided by us when the employee is initially processed.
  • Supervision of work schedule and documentation
    • Supervisors are expected to monitor employee's time worked, absences and the paperwork necessary to support this.
    • Medical Leave should be directed to Medical Management.
  • Performance appraisals & merit adjustments
    • At the end of each fiscal year WVURC employees and supervisors will be notified to begin the performance appraisal process, more details about this process will be sent towards the end of each fiscal year.
  • Position continuation confirmation
  • Employee relations, discipline, and termination
    • Please contact your WVURC HR partner at the onset of any employee relations issues or termination.
  • Supervisor On-boarding Information

We welcome questions you may have about any of the above topics or other topics at any time. Please feel free to contact us when you have the need.