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Position Updates

Supervisory Changes

This Supervisory Change form should be completed by an Expert Business Office representative to ensure all pertinent information is captured and submitted.

Position Review Process

Information for the Supervisor

  1. Supervisor completes a revised job description, noting all significant changes in duties and responsibilities.
  2. Supervisor then completes a job description cover sheet (DOCX), indicating the corresponding reason for review (e.g., salary change, ORG change, interim upgrade, conversion, etc.).
  3. The supervisor then obtains necessary departmental signatory approvals for the cover sheet.
  4. The supervisor then routes the signed cover sheet and job description to their respective EBO for budgetary/funding approval.
    Note: All positions submitted for classification and salary review must have EBO budgetary approval prior to receipt by Classification & Compensation.
  5. The respective EBO then submits (per your college’s/ department’s processes and protocols) the updated job description, completed (signed) cover sheet and any additional information you wish to accompany your request electronically to
  6. Upon receipt of the updated job description and signed cover sheet, the C&C analyst will conduct a review of the job description and supporting documents and develop a recommendation for job title and salary range.
  7. Class & Comp will work with hiring supervisors to ensure operational objectives are met.
Note: ORG Change Only requests may be submitted directly to using only the job description cover sheet. Supervisor Change Only requests may be submitted separately via the Supervisory Change Form.