Hiring Through WVURC

Hiring through the WVURC is designed to be quick and easy. The outline below provides some insight into the process:

  1. The hiring supervisor will download, complete, and send the approved Position Creation Request (PCR) form to the HR office. Include the primary job duties to HR; these will be used for classification.
  2. HR will work with the hiring supervisor to develop position specific job description and advertisement.
  3. HR will place ads based upon input from the hiring supervisor. 
  4. The hiring supervisor will receive position access and recruitment information from HR. 
  5. The hiring supervisor will review & evaluate applicants from UltiPro. 
  6. The hiring supervisor will send interview questions to HR for approval. 
  7. The hiring supervisor will contact the candidates for interviews. 
  8. The hiring supervisor will send a list of candidates he/she intends to interview with interview dates to HR.
  9. The hiring supervisor will complete an assessment in UltiPro for each candidate interviewed.
  10. HR will inform the hiring supervisor should the candidate accept the contingent offer and agree to begin background/reference process.
  11. The hiring supervisor will complete the online Pre-Employment form.
  12. HR will extend the offer and confirm it in writing to the new employee.
  13. HR will provide employment, tax and benefit information to the new employee for review and completion for hire. HR will schedule the new employee for an orientation session.
  14. HR will confirm the hire to the hiring supervisor via email.
  15. The hiring supervisor will need to provide HR the workplace contact and position funding information for the new employee.
  16. HR will complete the EDS form, and request authorization for a WVURC employee ID card for the new employee. 
  17. HR will notify the applicant pool of the general disposition of the search (i.e. filled, suspended, closed without hire). Hiring supervisors should refer such inquiries to HR.

We work with and for you throughout the entire process. More explanation and assistance with this list will be provided to you at each step. Ask if you have questions.